As with everything you go after, planning thoroughly is the key to making sure that you succeed. Before you can truly plan a business blog, for example, you need to know what all is involved before you know how to plan. You are going to have some general ideas but it is important to create a good and proper structure for yourself. If search marketing is one of your goals this is going to become far more important. If you want to be really successful, you’ll implement the following tips for planning out your business blog.

It is important to design a site so that it will load very quickly in every web browser. Now that we are well into 2012 and have gotten through the Penguin update, Google has made it clear as day that loading speed is important and that it is going to be a part of your site’s score. With a blog, there are two major motivating factors where speed is concerned. The first is your header graphic, if you choose to publish one. Just be sure that it isn’t file heavy and if it is heavy, you need to ensure that it has been optimized for the Internet. The way in which you construct your blog is the other. It means that you must tread carefully with regard to plugins and graphics. Plugins can seriously affect your load speed if you pile on the plugins. Start small, and your blog will load fast, and then monitor the speed with everything you add to it.

Set yourself up well from the very beginning–that means that you need to put everything important in place ahead of time. Tracking your visitors needs to be done from the beginning if you want to be efficient. Pick the tracking script you like the most so that you can have it installed as soon as your blog is live. If you aren’t already versed in tracking scripts it is time to start educating yourself. But basically, this kind of script is software that tracks visitor behavior. It will tell you everything from which pages your visitors read to how long they spent reading them. You are going to see which pages serve as the entry points and which keywords were used to trigger visits from search engines.

A truly common newbie belief and behavior is to want complete and total perfection before they will launch anything. When it comes to a new blog, it is important to make sure that you have all of the major players in place before you allow it to go live. It isn’t necessary and it will just prolong your actual launch date. You only need to have the absolute essentials in place, like your content and the few plug-ins that you need the most. You don’t have to set up all of the other stuff, like categories, etc. You only need a few of them tops. You will have homepage copy that depend upon the approach as well as the theme that you have decided to use. Then just put a couple of posts in each category and you are good to go. Visit Sixsigma-advantage.comĀ for more business tips.

Good blog planning involves some important and standard steps and try to remember that it is something that is actually going to streamline the entire building process. You’ll know what to do and how to do it, and you’ll also save time once your blog is live.