Buying Infrared Camera Systems

Machine vision imaging requires highly efficient cameras which can accurately detect defects, work at high frame rates, and capture images with large field-of view. It is used to evaluate equipment or manufacturing systems for defective areas and to locate faulty components. Most machine vision applications involve computer vision systems that need high speed and low bandwidth images from a remote location or dark room. Some other uses include inspecting shipping containers and inspect industrial machinery in production lines.

Machine Vision Cameras

The industrial machine vision camera system is capable of acquiring and automatically aligning with and subsequently processing images in real time for machine vision imaging applications. It has built-in pre-fusion software for high performance and low latency imaging on Cpanels and Work Sites. The software facilitates automatic recognition and resolution of defect locations and defects. The machine vision camera system is able to process all image data in the form of gray-scale (greyscale) or color (RGB) data. The system is compatible with most imaging media including, but not limited to, film, cd, digital, monitor, video, slide, and TV.

Camera Systems

The system provides full integration with leading CAD/CAM and machine vision libraries to accelerate product and project delivery. This software solution can be used for industrial inspection automation, robotic guidance, product tracking, production control, product engineering & design, and other machine vision imaging needs. The product inspection process includes detection, identification, and resolution of flaws or other manufacturing problems. It can also provide on-the-job automatic inspection and quality monitoring with support for multiple machines simultaneously. It provides users with flexible and reliable product imaging solutions and high speed and high volume printing capabilities. It is suitable for all types of manufacturing operations.