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Money 4 Surveys
This site list over 50 market research companies that will pay you cash to take online surveys! Money 4 Surveys
September 7, 2014
Zip List - Free Recipe & Grocery List Organizer
Save Time and Money with this FREE Shopping List and Online Recipe Organizer that also helps find the best deals at local grocery stores. Enter your zip code to view deals, clip virtual recipes and quickly add the required ingredients to your shopping list, sort items using special "tags" and view alphabetically, by category, recipe, or date added. They also have a mobile app with extras like "Recipe of the Day" and a barcode scanner for quickly adding items.
All Star Puzzles - Free Online Puzzles
Seek and Find all kinds of FREE Online Puzzles at this site that includes Word Searches, Memory Games, Cryptograms, Anagrams, and More. They have a growing collection of over 30,000, and You can check the schedule to see what day of the week specific ones are added. No Registration is Required, but You Will Need a Working Version of Java (already enabled in most browsers). You can also save your progress on their server when you register.
Frogger - Free Classic Video Game Online
Help Froggy cross the road and jump across the pond in this realistic version of the Classic 80's Game. Highway obstacles include racing cars and trucks AND jump on floating logs and turtles to cross the pond. The game is simple to play on your keyboard with only the "arrow" keys to move Froggy forward, back, left, and right. Get Froggy to his lily pads before time runs out, with each level progressively harder.
Free Audio / Video Suite Software Downloads
Create, Edit, and Share Videos and More with this All-in-One Multimedia Suite that includes over 50 FREEware Solutions. It bundles numerous Video, Audio, CD/DVD, Image, and PDF tools into one versatile package, OR You can download each application seperately. This software has too many features to list, but has won many awards including being 100% Clean of spyware, viruses, and adware. Download YouTube Videos and Edit, FREE Ringtone Maker, Disc Burner, and lots More!!!
August 25, 2014
Trivix - Free Trivia Games & Competitions
Play FREE, Daily Trivia Games for fun and Compete against others for a spot on the leaderboards. You can challenge your friends on Facebook and test your knowledge in hundreds of topics with a database of over 200,000 questions. You will have to register to play the Daily Trivia, but Super Trivia and Other Games are open to all. The site has recently been rebuilt so the community is still growing. ALSO... Play and Create Your Own Video Trivia at RivVid.
MSGTag - Free Email Tracking Software Download
Send email and Track it with this FREE Software Download that will notify you when it's been opened. The software sits on your computer desktop or system tray and works quietly in the background alongside your existing email client. You can enable or disable it with just a click , and all your recipient will see is a small MSGTAG footer at the end of your messages. The FREE version sends you an email when your mails are read, but the premium version offers Popup and SMS Text Message notifications as well.
Old Radio World - Free Classic Radio Shows Online
Listen to Classic Radio Programs from the 30's, 40's, and 50's for FREE, online or download MP3's to your computer. Search for shows alphabetically or browse several categories that include Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Western, Detective Stories, Science Fiction, and Music. Find popular shows like Amos n Andy, Sam Spade, The Shadow, and lots More. Other extras include Vintage Radio Commercials and World War II News Broadcasts from "The Golden Age of Radio".
Virus Total - Free Online Virus and Malware Scanner
Protect Yourself from Malicious Files and Websites with this FREE Online Service that utilizes 50+ independent antivirus programs and website scanners to provide unbiased information and detection of viruses, trojans, worms and other malevolent content. Just type in the URL of a website or upload a file with the online submission form to begin a scan. You can also upload files via email or download their software and browser extension to scan websites and files.
August 11, 2014
K7 - Free Web Based Unified Messaging System
Get a FREE Seattle, WA Phone Number to Receive Faxes and Voicemail that you can read/listen to in your email or on their website, Only callers incur long distance charges when they send you a message. You can receive an unlimited number of fax pages and voicemails up to five minutes in length, PLUS You can store a maximum of 20 Messages on their website which are saved for 7 Days. Need to send a fax? Send up to 5 FREE faxes per day at Fax Zero.
Free Printable .Net - Free Printable Documents
Print Thousands of FREE Documents and Templates in Adobe Acrobat for Home and Business Use. Customize and Print everything from Business Cards and Forms to Calendars and Coloring Pages, There are over 90 Different Sites in the Network! You can view all of the categories on one page or use the on site search engine to look for over 30,000 printables. Stay up to date with the latest additions when you subscribe to the site's FREE Newsletter and Blog.
Prank Dial - Free & Funny Prank Phone Calls
Make FREE Prank Calls to Friends and Family with this library of funny, prerecorded messages that respond in perfect timing with strategic pauses to give the impression of a real, live person on the other end of the line. Just enter your phone number and the number of the person you want to prank to get started. You get two FREE Calls per day without registering or 3 FREE Calls when you register by email or Facebook. You can also purchase tokens or fill out surveys and other offers to earn more FREE Calls.
World's Biggest Pac-Man - Free Pac-Man Game/ Maze
Play a New Twist on An Old Classic with this Biggest Pac-Man Game ever, literally hundreds of dot-filled mazes created from around the globe. No need to register, just pick a spot and start navigating the dot-chomping hero in and out of various mazes while avoiding Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Create your own mazes when you log in with Facebook, or opt out of the Super Sized version altogether and Play the Original Arcade Smash at Free Pac-Man.
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