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How to Make Your WordPress Blog a Search Engine Success Story

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WordPress shares a great relationship with the search engines, which is exactly why you find the WordPress blogs getting more love from Google and other major search engines. Every webmaster and Internet Marketer understands that building a site with WordPress automatically gives you a leg up on the competition in terms of SEO. However, to […]

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3 Ways To Build a Business Blog That is User Friendly

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If you’re new to the area or topic of user friendly websites, then it’s important to realize there can be many areas to think about. If you want to get fancy and employ methods like the Taguchi Multivariate testing, etc you can. A better plan, however, to start out small and with something simple and […]

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Do You Use These WordPress Plug-ins In Your Online Business

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Many online marketers probably consider WordPress only for bloggers. Ok… WordPress can be used in the same way as a static marketing sites, so it’s not just for “blogs.” You can use WordPress for many applications because as a content management system it is quite flexible. What’s really great about this are all the plugins […]

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